Vinegar and Oil Stand

intro_satteladapter_renderIn this seminar a fellow student and me wanted to find a solution to combine the daily use of vinegar and oil for salads in one single container. The primary idea came from the physical conditions of vingar and oil. We noticed that the both liquids separate from each other so that the oil is on top of the vinegar. This phenomena set the goal to find a way to create a container which contains both liquids but separates them in use. Therefore we created a container with a diagonal barrier and three wholes outside the container. First the user should fill in vinegar to the half of the container through the middle whole. Then he fills in the oil along the diagonal barrier until the container is nearly filled. Because of the different concentrations of vinegar and oil, the oil pushes the vinegar behind the barrier up to the top without mixing each other. The two whole on each side allow to use vinegar and oil separately.
esigöl beälter mit inhalt
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