100 years Town Hall Hattingen

intro_rathausIn celebration of the 100-jubilee of the Town Hall of Hattingen the minister of culture, art and youth commissioned three local artists and me to spray-paint four canvases. We took a photo picture of the Town Hall divided into four pieces and spray-painted each canvas with a different part of the photo. Each quarter was spray-painted in another colour and the style the artist preferred. …read more

Stop Motion Video – Slide

intro_slideThe following Stop Motion Video was developed in corporation with Jan Heim, another friend of mine and local artist from Hattingen. We used an old slide we found in the woods, which was cut into three pieces. The heavy metal we placed in front of a wall on which we could stand to take photo by photo. The different compositions of the slide pieces and external utensils were combined spontaneously to wired figures. …read more