Swimming Bath Sprayaction

intro_talstrThis mural was painted in corporation with Jan Heim, a good friend from Hattingen. The vacant swimming bath was closed years ago but it came up in the newspaper to tear down the building for new housing. We used the empty swimming hall as a extravagant canvas. This action was published a few days ago in the daily newspaper WAZ on 10.03.2010. …read more

Photoshooting – Passions

intro_passion_gm_02The idea of the following pictures are based on an exhibition called ‘passions’, which was hold in the Hattingen 2008. That topic was free for interpretation but it should show people and their passions. I took two models and their passionate interests. I tried to place them into situations which overtop the regular passion. The pictures show two women in different age but with the same intensity of their own passion. Weiterlesen

Skatepark Sprayaction Hattingen 2007

intro_skate_2007After a long time the local skate scene in Hattingen arranged that a new skate park was build. The opening should take place in a colourful and playful look. In corporation with Roman Zheleznyak, we spray-painted the obstacles of the park. Afterwards a skate contest and live music took place on the grounds of the skate park. Weiterlesen