Schulzentrum Holthausen, Hattingen

intro_holthausenA friend, Christian Büschenfeld, and me sprayed the entrance of a sports hall in Hattingen, sponsored by the bank Sparkasse. We designed the 30-meters long wall at the entrance with sporty pictographs, which represent the sports gymnastics, ball-sports, athletic and combat sports. The project was shown in the daily newspaper WAZ on 25.02.2011. …read more

100 years Town Hall Hattingen

intro_rathausIn celebration of the 100-jubilee of the Town Hall of Hattingen the minister of culture, art and youth commissioned three local artists and me to spray-paint four canvases. We took a photo picture of the Town Hall divided into four pieces and spray-painted each canvas with a different part of the photo. Each quarter was spray-painted in another colour and the style the artist preferred. …read more